Father with young kids tours the exhibits at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Alaska Native Gift Store Creates Economic Opportunity for Village Artists

Photo of products reflected in the gift shop mirror

Over the winter of 2018-2019, Tanana Chiefs Conference (TCC) Cultural Programs quietly launched an exciting new project designed to connect entrepreneurial Native Alaskan artists in rural villages with the over 160,000 visitors who come to the Morris Thompson Center annually. 

Many visitors are looking for authentic, Alaska Native-made items to take home with them. TCC Cultural Programs purchases outright high-quality, sought-after items including beadwork, baskets, and other Alaska Native art from artists and craftspeople. 

Purchases can be of single items, or in some cases larger quantities of work. These pieces are sold in the Alaska Native Gift Store and the profits are used to purchase additional products for sale. 

The Alaska Native Gift Shop is forging relationships with artists and craftspeople and creating exciting, reliable, and sustainable economic exchange between rural communities and visitors to Fairbanks.  

If you are interested in selling your artwork, email photos and prices to cultural.programs@tananachiefs.org.