Visitors' Voices | Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center

“Brought the kids here for the 4th time already. They really enjoy it.”  — Kelly, Kenny, Tana & Emerald

“Saya akan dataug lagi. (I will come again.)” — Karlee, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“Love it! Thanks for the free admission so all can enjoy.” — Lauren Lesser, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

“Can’t wait for the rest of the exhibits.” — Gerald Elkan, Raleigh NC

“Excellent, succinct coverage of a big land.” — Walt West, Philadelphia, PA

“Breathtaking. It will be amazing when done.”

“My son is 13 months and just can’t get enough of this place. We’ll be back!” — Emily Vance

“I love it that you can touch and walk through. The sound effects are GREAT! ” — The Mays

“I look out the window in the cabin and see a bright clear day. I turn back and now I see the beautiful blue green northern lights. Animation is great guys!” — Malinda

“Looks just like the public use cabin we just stayed in. Good Job!” — S. Rozell