Traditional Alaska Native mask.

Cultural Programs

An important part of the community’s vision for the Morris Thompson Center is to keep it filled with vibrant Alaska Native cultural activities. We offer a rich array of programs that you will find educational, inspiring, and endearing. Please see below for information about ongoing programs and check our calendar for special programs coming up. Please note that admission to the center is always free, but there may be admission fees for some of the special programs. These cover the cost of materials and staff to make these unique opportunities available to you.

Events Calendar

class member standing at table with handmade baskets

2019 Cultural Traditions Workshops

For reservations or information about these workshops, contact TCC Cultural Programs at (907) 459-3741 or

Cowhide Moccasins | Oline Petruska |December 2018 | Nikolai | In December 2018, Cultural Traditions Workshops hit the road – well, not quite. The Cultural Traditions Workshops was actually off the road, in Nikolai! Oline Petruska teaches how to make cowhide moccasins in the first rural edition of the Cultural Traditions Workshops.

Beaded Gloves with Fur | Lena McCarty | January 2019 | Ruby

Beaded Strap | Ariel Miller | January & February 2019 | Native village of Tetlin

Beaver Fur Hat | Fran Lambert | January 25-27 2019 | MTCVC

Moose Hide Baby Booties | Dixie Alexander | March 1-3 2019 | MTCVC

Gwich’in Athabascan Fiddle Dance | Dance Lessons | March 13-16 2019 | MTCVC

Fish Skin Tanning and Basket Making| Audrey Armstrong | July 16-19, 2019| MTCVC

Birch Bark Baskets | Lena Tickett | September 13-15 2019 | MTCVC

Make your own Beaded Christmas Gifts | ornament, zipper pull, key-chain | Dixie Alexander | October 4-6 2019 | MTCVC

Gwich’in Athabascan Fiddle Dance | Dance Lessons | November 6-9 2019 | MTCVC

Beading, Tufting, Porcupine Quill Work | Emma Hildebrand | Oct. 19-20, 2019

Make It & Take It – Jewelry Making

Work with an Alaska Native artist to create your own pair of dentalium shell or porcupine quill earrings, beaded bracelet, or bear claw* necklace. Learn how porcupine quills are collected and prepared, and how dentalium shells and glass beads became part of traditional Athabascan beadwork.

$30 per person, $20 per person for 3 or more. Surcharge of $25 for bear claw necklace due to material cost.

For reservations or information, contact TCC Cultural Programs at
907.459.3741 or

*In compliance with state law, we use artificial bear claws

family dressed in native clothing

Parka Portraits

Bring home photos of you and your loved ones dressed in extraordinary furs and moose hide garments. Traditional Athabascan garments like these are typically only seen at special events or displayed behind glass at a museum. Here you can examine the beadwork up close, smell the moosehide, and learn how these clothes were made from wolf, muskrat, wolverine and beaver fur.

“Visitors come to Alaska from all around the world, and they don’t get a chance to touch Native garments or smell the smoked moosehide,” says Cultural Program Director Dixie Alexander. “We say, ‘Please, put them on!’”

$70 up to 2 people
$90 for 3 | $100 for 4 | $110 for 5 | $120 for 6
(add $20 for each additional person after 6 people)

June, July & August: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm | September thru May – please call for a reservation

For reservations or information, contact TCC Cultural Programs at
907.459.3741 or

native youth dancer

Cultural Connections Show

Enjoy this live performance featuring Alaska Native youth sharing dances, music, and stories about their culture.

Educational. Inspiring. Endearing.

June, July. and August only. Shows take place Monday-Friday at 11:30am, 1:30pm and 3:30pm.  Admission is $18 per person/$10 for children 10 and under.

For additional information, contact TCC Cultural Programs at 907.459.3741 or