Close up photo of traditional Alaska Native woven basket.

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“Springing Out” – Next Generations Prepare for a New Season

April signals the beginning of spring here in Alaska. For many Alaska Natives that means time to start preparing for summer activities, like making and mending fishnets and beginning to hunt small game such as muskrat. Spring is also a time of renewal. In this talk our guests, Jessica Black and Tristan Madros, will discuss… Read More

The Smell of Moosehide- Traditional Regalia Today

Join us as special guests Luke Titus and Miranda Wright discuss the importance of traditional regalia in contemporary ceremonies and how to respect the culture and traditions behind its creation and use. Guest Speakers: Miranda Wright and Luke Titus Moderator: Sharon Hildebrand

Language Journeys: Tristan Madros on Denakke’ and Holikachuk

Tristan Madros joins the Morris Thompson Center and Doyon Foundation to share his memories, experience, and learning with Alaska Native languages, Denakke’ and Holikachuk. This event was the premier episode of Doyon Foundation’s new series, Language Journeys. Watch live at Or on YouTube at

Tugging at Our Roots- Alaska Native Medicinal Plants

Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St, Fairbanks

Join us as special guest Kathleen Meckel addresses the topic of Alaska Native medicinal plants. She will share her knowledge about the types, uses, and harvest of medicinal plants in spring, as well as the importance of preserving and perpetuating this cultural wisdom Watch live at

Twenty Years of Tourism in Fairbanks, Alaska

Deb Hickok, CEO and President of Explore Fairbanks, shares stories of her career in Alaska's visitor industry, including reflections on major accomplishments in which she played an important part including the creation of the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center and bringing the Alaska Federation of Natives meeting to Fairbanks for the first time. Watch… Read More

Language Journeys: Dewey KK’oleyo Hoffman on Denaakk’e

Join us at noon on Friday May 28 for a talk with Dewey about his learning journey with the Denaakk'e language. This is an online program - you can watch it from the Morris Thompson Center webpage, YouTube, or Facebook page. This series is brought to you by Doyon Foundation in partnership with the Morris… Read More


Peeling Bark, Creating Art- Birch Bark Baskets

Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St, Fairbanks

Join us as special guests Lena Tickett and Vernell Titus discuss and demonstrate birch bark basketry. They speak about the basic process and materials used in birch bark basketry as well as the significance of them in Alaska Native culture. Watch this event live at

Language Journeys: Hishinlai’ on Gwich’in [Online Only]

Morris Thompson Center Website

Hishinlai' Peter joins the Morris Thompson Center and Doyon Foundation to share her journey learning Native language Gwich'in. She discusses how she came to learn Gwich'in as an adult and has proceeded to teach the language at UAF through an immersive learning approach. Watch live at

Kings of the Yukon: Summer at Fish Camp [ONLINE ONLY]

Join us as special guests Manny Carlo and Marvin Kokrine address the topic of fish camps. They both address where, how, and preservation methods for the fish caught at these camps, as well as the cultural significance of the camp. Watch live on our Our Live-Streamed Events page.