Close up photo of traditional Alaska Native beadwork.

Koniag, Inc.

Koniag is the regional Alaska Native corporation representing the Alutiiq people of the Kodiak Archipelago. We are driven by our core values, incorporating corporate responsibility, our traditions, and Alutiiq culture into all we do. Since its inception in 1972, Koniag has grown into a diversified holding company with portfolio companies and investments spanning multiple industries. We are committed to creating opportunities and sustainable growth to fund benefits for our Shareholders and their families. Like our Alutiiq ancestors over thousands of years, Koniag adapts to meet the needs of our Shareholders and our region.

Perry Eaton’s artistic talents began early, when his parents introduced him to paints at age eight. Nowadays, he’s an accomplished mask maker and black-and-white photographer. Mr. Eaton’s masks are strictly Alutiiq in style, construction and form, adhering to the basic types of birds, singing masks and effigies. In Alutiiq tradition, masks were made to be danced, and then sometimes burned. Accordingly, Mr. Eaton’s approach to mask making is that while masks can be viewed as works of art for display, they are first and foremost created as pieces of dance regalia.

But he doesn’t stop there. He has served as chairman and member of the board of directors of many Native Alaskan institutes and was appointed to co-chair the Joint Federal-State Commission on Policies and Programs Affecting Alaska Natives. Calling Anchorage home, Eaton received the Alaska State Governor’s Award for the Humanities, is a 2009 USA Rasmuson Fellow, and was appointed by President H.W. Bush to be a trustee of the Institute of American Indian Arts College.

Learn more about him and his symbolic artwork from Orenda Art International.

For more information about Koniag, Incorporated, visit the region’s website.