Portraits in Athabascan Garments | Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center

Portraits in Athabascan Garments

Bring home photos of you and your loved ones dressed in extraordinary furs and moose hide garments. Traditional Athabascan garments like these are typically only seen at special events or displayed behind glass at a museum. Here you can examine the beadwork up close, smell the moosehide, and learn how these clothes were made from wolf, muskrat, wolverine and beaver fur.



Visitors come to Alaska from all around the world, and they don’t get a chance to touch Native garments or smell the smoked moosehide.” says Cultural Program Director Dixie Alexander. “We say, ‘Please, put them on!'”

$70 up to 2 people

$90 for 3 | $100 for 4 | $110 for 5 | $120 for 6

(add $20 for each additional person after 6 people)

June, July & August: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm  |  September thru May – please call for a reservation

For reservations or information, contact TCC Cultural Programs at
907.459.3741 or cultural.programs@tananachiefs.org