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Goodȼents – Golden Valley Electric Foundation Grant Boosts Our Energy Efficiency

Gloves with fur lining and native beadwork

The Golden Valley Electrical Association (GVEA) Goodȼents Fund has made a generous grant to the Morris Thompson Center for installation of LED lighting throughout the building.

The Morris Thompson Center’s exhibits are illuminated by several hundred specialized lights that run thirteen hours a day, seven days a week in summer.  We also light our hallways, lobby, and office space.  All this burns a great deal of electricity and heats up the building, which then takes even more energy to cool things back down!

The Goodȼents grant provided invaluable support to our 2019 building-wide transition to LED lighting, which uses less electricity and puts of less heat. We’re proud to be moving toward better ecological stewardship. An additional bonus: the Morris Thompson Center donated to the Tanana Valley State Fair 250 still-functional T5 bulbs that we had replaced with the new LEDs. This allowed us to avoid wasting useful materials, and to support another local organization. Here you can see the TVSF crew happily unloading the donated bulbs!