Antler Arch in winter with setting sun in the background at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Language Journeys: Polly Hyslop on Upper Tanana

Polly Hyslop shared some of the memories growing up in Northway, hearing her Native language, Nee’aanèegn’ (Upper Tanana) from elders, and eventually reconnecting with the language when she returned to Northway. Polly’s feeling of joy through the spiritual and cultural connection to language pushed her to become a Upper Tanana language teacher. Over the years, Polly has supported and uplifted her language through songs and working with various community organizations to create Nee’aanèegn’ language lessons, such as the Doyon Foundation and Doyon, Ltd. Polly hopes to continue teaching the youth and help them connect to their community, roots, and family through the language. To view “Language Journeys: Polly Hyslop on Upper Tanana” visit

This program is the seventh episode of Doyon Foundation’s Language Journeys series hosted at the Morris Thompson Center. There is new episode on the last Friday of every month at 12pm AKST. Please continue to join the Morris Thompson Center and Doyon Foundation as they bring in Alaska Native language learners from across the Interior to share their journeys learning their languages. Please visit the “Events” tab on the Morris Thompson Center website to view upcoming and past programs and to sign up for updates about future cultural programs. For more information about this series and other programs hosted by the Doyon Foundation, please visit