Close up photo of traditional Alaska Native woven basket.

Local Volunteer and Philanthropist Leaves Parting Gift for Morris Thompson Center Cultural Programs


Fairbanks lost a valued community member on March 5 with the passing of Sarah Latta Carter Crawford, known as ‘Carter.’  Born on Oct. 3, 1938 in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, Carter graduated from Winsor School and Smith College and established herself as a media professional in New York and LA. She considered her move to Fairbanks as general sales manager for KTVF to be the start of a new life, in which she delved into her passion for competitive sports and community action. 

An avid runner and weightlifter, she won many Running Club North awards and encouraged other athletes – especially women –to reach personal bests. Her extensive volunteer service and charitable contributions earned widespread recognition and gratitude from her fellow Alaskans.

The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center was honored to receive a generous gift of $5,000 from Carter, to be placed in the Cultural Programs Endowment where it will grow and sustain future Alaska Native cultural programming.  Carter’s support is honored with a plaque in her name on the Honor Wall in the Morris Thompson Center lobby.