Traditional Alaska Native beadwork on fur lined boots..

Make a Bird Ornament with Susan Paskvan

Join us for a kid-friendly activity, making a bird ornament for the holidays and learning about the Denaakk’e language and culture with Susan Paskvan, Native Language Coordinator, at Yukon-Koyukuk School District. We will be making two bird hanging ornaments, the black-capped chickadee and pine grosbeak. While making

these ornaments Susan will talk about their names in Denaakk’e (Koyukon Athabascan). After that, Susan will demonstrate how to make a torn-paper collage of a ptarmigan. While making this Susan will tell a k’edon ts’ednee story about a wooden bowl that involved a ptarmigan, a mink, and a traditional food nonaałdlode (fish ice cream). “During the K’edon Ts’ednee times, a time long ago, the animals and birds were able to talk to each other…” SUPPLIES FOR THE BIRD ORNAMENTS Card stock paper — Pencil — Scissor — Glue and maybe a plate to put a glob of glue on — Stuffing like paper towel — Fish line or string to hang the ornament — Black marker, silver, gold, and red glitter SUPPLIES FOR THE TORN-PAPER COLLAGE– – White construction paper — Blue background paper — White crayon — Red marker — Glue

Download the black-capped chickadee pattern

Download the pine grosbeak pattern

Download example of Ptarmigan Torn Paper Collage