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Our People Speak: March In Our Memories – Elders Reminisce Online About Spring Carnivals and Dog Mushing

In March, esteemed elders Marie Yaska and Andy Jimmie joined us on the first episode of Denakkanaaga’s new seasonally focused cultural livestream series, moderated by Sharon McConnell, the executive director of Denakkanaaga. This episode is titled “March in Our Memories: Spring Carnivals and Dog Mushing,” where we learned about and heard memories of seasonal Native activities, like Spring Carnivals and dog mushing, that typically occur during March. Mr. Jimmie told his stories about dog racing back in old Minto and shared with us the different activities and competitions that took place at Spring Carnivals. Ms. Yaska helped us understand the process of putting on a Spring Carnival and told a great story of her first dog race, where she had never practiced before, and was put in charge of a team with twelve dogs! To hear more stories and explore these exciting March seasonal topics from elders Marie and Andy, visit our website (http://pmg.txv.mybluehost.me/staging/live/) and scroll down to “Past Events.” 

This is event is part of Denakkanaaga’s 2021 online speaker programs. Each monthly program will feature respected elders and leaders from the Native community and center around seasonal themes, highlighting aspects of traditional Alaska Native culture. The programs are designed as a fun cultural activity in Fairbanks, Alaska and will take place as live streams or premier airings on the Morris Thompson Center website. Please click here to view upcoming and past programs and to sign up for updates about future cultural programs. For more information about this series and other programs hosted by Denakkanaaga, visit www.denakkanaaga.org 

These programs are proudly brought to you through the partnership between Denakkanaaga, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center with generous support from Doyon, Limited.