Lobby of Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Morris Thompson Center Supplies Healthy Vegetables to Stone Soup Cafe

The historic garden near the entrance to the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center features vegetables common in Fairbanks a century ago, but it serves a much more contemporary purpose–helping feed those in need. Facility manager Jason Faris harvests and delivers two boxes of fresh vegetables every week to the Stone Soup Cafe. “Earlier in the summer it was lettuce, cauliflower, swiss chard, radishes and lots and lots of herbs,” said Faris. “Now it’s kale, cabbage, chicory. Today I took over 25 pounds of potatoes.” It’s a welcome contribution according to Mary Mitchell, cafe chef and manager. “The volume of large leafy greens are highly appreciated,” said Mitchell. The Stone Soup Café has been providing hot, nutritious meals daily to Fairbanks’ hungry and homeless for over 20 years.