Father with young kids tours the exhibits at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.


Athabascan Beadwork Designs Inspire Sidewalk Mosaics

Athabascan beadwork – and a willow root basket – will soon become sidewalk art outside the Morris Thompson Center. Inspired by designs from Athabascan master artists from all over Interior Alaska, the artwork was digitized, enlarged, and translated into glass tile mosaics that are being prepped for installation later this month. Belarde Company out of … Read More

Love Under the Antler Arch

Outgoing News-Miner publisher Marilyn Romano and her longtime beau Brian Hove got married under the Morris Thompson Center’s Antler Arch in late June. Romano was relocating for her new position at Alaska Airlines, and wanted to get married in Fairbanks before moving to Anchorage. “Brian and I met here 13 years ago, so the banks… Read More

Traditional Athabascan Clothing Project

In the Artisans Workshop, master artists Josephine John, Corinna Evans, Denise Hardesty, Rita Pitka and Dixie Alexander are busy sewing a set of traditional Athabascan clothing. Stunning beadwork, moosehide, wolf, muskrat, wolverine and beaver fur, combined with master skin sewing skills, lots of laughter, and sore fingers are yielding the following creations: Yukon Style Women’s… Read More

Flying Bishop's Plane Graces Center's Lobby

More than 250 family and friends of the late Bishop William Gordon gathered in October 2010 to dedicate the plane and exhibit installed in his honor. They sang hymns in Inupiat and Athabascan dialects, laughed, and shared warm memories with the Bishop’s wife Shirley and their children Bill, Paneen, and Anna who were all on hand… Read More

Morris Thompson Portrait Unveiled

Morris’ family and friends gathered at an AFN reception in October 2010 to see the unveiling of a portrait of the Center’s namesake. Athabascan artist James Grant, Sr., a nephew of Thompson’s started the oil on canvas portrait in 2008. The 5 ft. by 4 ft. oil on canvas painting was nearly complete when Grant… Read More

Mt. McKinley Bank donates $15,000

“The bank was impressed with how the Center serves the entire community. It’s not just about tourists. Everyone can use and enjoy the facility. As a community bank, that’s something that we are happy to be a part of.” said Mt. McKinley Bank President Craig Ingham as he presented a donation of $15,000.

Athabascan Artist Dixie Alexander named Cultural Program Director

Tanana Chiefs Conference has hired Gwich’in Athabascan Dixie Alexander as Director of Cultural Programs at the Morris Thompson Center. Dixie, one of 12 children, was raised in Ft. Yukon in a traditional lifestyle. She is a successful businesswoman, artist, and teacher. She spent more than 20 summers sharing her Athabascan culture with tourists at the Riverboat… Read More

Morris Thompson Center Supplies Healthy Vegetables to Stone Soup Cafe

The historic garden near the entrance to the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center features vegetables common in Fairbanks a century ago, but it serves a much more contemporary purpose–helping feed those in need. Facility manager Jason Faris harvests and delivers two boxes of fresh vegetables every week to the Stone Soup Cafe. “Earlier in the summer… Read More

Kinross/Ft. Knox Shows its Support with $10,000 donation

Lorna Shaw (3rd from left), Community Affairs Director with Kinross/Ft. Knox Gold Mine, presents a $10,000 gift to Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center President Charlene Marth (2nd from left). The gift is to help complete the exhibits. “One part of the exhibits focuses on how we make a living – and mining is a signficant… Read More

How tall does your Sunflower grow?

At 8 ft, 3 inches tall (and still growing), the sunflower next to the historic cabin at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center in downtown Fairbanks is a hit with visitors. It is surely the most photographed flower in Fairbanks this summer.