Exhibit at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Our People Speak: King of the Yukon – Summer at Fish Camp

Summertime in Alaska means time to go throw out your line, your net, or get your fish wheel turning because its salmon fishing season. Special guests Manny Carlo and Marvin Kokrine join us to discuss fish camps. Marvin highlights the importance of fish camp in Alaska Native culture, like how it ties to the values of family and connection to the land. Manny helps emphasize the need to fish sustainably because he recalls there being many more fish and much larger. They both address where, how, and preservation methods for the fish caught at these camps. To view “Kings of the Yukon- Summer at Fish Camp” visit www.morristhompsoncenter.org/past-online-events.

This program is the July episode in Denakkanaaga’s Our People Speak series, which focuses on seasonal Alaska Native cultural topics. Please join us every second Friday of the month for discussions of a new topic by esteemed guest speakers. This program and series are proudly brought to you by the partnership between Denakkanaaga, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. Please visit the “Events” tab on the Morris Thompson Center website to view upcoming and past programs and to sign up for updates about future cultural programs. For more information about this series and other programs hosted by Denakkanaaga, please visit www.denakkanaaga.org