Spotlight: Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Alaska has officially celebrated Indigenous People’s day since 2015.

This is a great time to share traditional indigenous knowledge, tell stories, talk about history, and celebrate the amazing diversity of beautiful Native languages in Alaska. Together with its partners the Morris Thompson Center has lots of resources to help you do so! Check out the content on this page and share it with others in honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day 2021.

With thanks to our partners, Denakkanaaga, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and Doyon Foundation.

Featured Events & Exhibits


Deg Xinag with Laverne Demientieff

Laverne Demientieff talks about Alaska Native language, Deg Xinag

“This has touched me in such a big way! Dogidinh Laverne. It was so important to me that you talked about trauma and wellness when we are learning Deg Xinag. Love is at the heart of this!”
~ Viewer feedback


Before the Snow Falls: Preparing for Winter

Traditional Chief Trimble Gilbert discusses traditional preparations for winter.

“I love these wonderful stories. So much history. So much joy.”
~ Viewer feedback


Animal Names Dice Game

Learn animal names in two Alaska Native languages, Denaakk’e and Gwich’in, by playing a fun dice game with others. Who will win?

Animal Dice Game 01

Denaakk’e Names

Gwich’in Names

Animal Names Game Key


New ANCSA Exhibit

Journey through time to discover the history of the largest land claims settlement in U.S. history, the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA).



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