Close up photo of traditional Alaska Native woven basket.

Traditional Moose Hide Tanning: Conversation with Tom Huntington

Join Denakkanaaga elders for a live-streamed conversation with Tom Huntington about traditional Interior Alaska methods of moose hide tanning.

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As it has become rarer for people to tan the hides of harvested moose, it has become more difficult and expensive to get moose hide for traditional uses. Tom is one person working on reviving the tradition, and together with Anna Frank and Elizabeth Fleagle he will share information about the basics of tanning hides, the variations in technique between different people and areas, and about the future of traditional hide tanning.  The presenters will also share their own stories – often funny – about the practice, and Tom will bring hides and tools to show us in more detail how tanning is done.

Tom shared the following introductory and background documents with all of us:

How I Tan a Moose Skin

Different Koyukon Words for Moose