Antler Arch in winter with setting sun in the background at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Our People Speak: Small Dots Far Away, What Am I? Denaakk’e Kk’edon Ts’ednee in Winter

Wintertime has always been a time for storytelling in Alaska. Those long, cold nights provided a great season to share the great stories of long ago, Kk’edon Ts’ednee. Kk’edon Ts’ednee were a vital part of Alaska Native spirituality and served as ways to pass knowledge onto the next generations. Lorraine David shares some of her favorites with us, which describe the creation of the world by Raven and the crying Porcupine. Lorraine also speaks about how there are some stories and some words that are forbidden or shouldn’t be done. Her hopes are that these stories and traditions may be passed onto the younger generations so they can stay connected with their culture. To view “Small Dots Far Away, What Am I? Denaakk’e Kk’edon Ts’ednee in Winter” visit

This program is the December episode in Denakkanaaga’s Our People Speak series, which focuses on seasonal Alaska Native cultural topics. Please join us every second Friday of the month for discussions of a new topic by esteemed guest speakers. This program and series are proudly brought to you by the partnership between Denakkanaaga, Tanana Chiefs Conference, and the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center. Please visit the “Events” tab on the Morris Thompson Center website to view upcoming and past programs and to sign up for updates about future cultural programs. For more information about this series and other programs hosted by Denakkanaaga, please visit