Antler Arch in winter with setting sun in the background at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Visitor Information

The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center welcomes visitors year-round and admission is always free. Whether you’re on the trip of a lifetime or preparing for this weekend’s hike, we have information and ideas for your travel in Interior and Arctic Alaska.

Explore Fairbanks Visitor Center

two men speaking in atrium

Just as you pass through the atrium at the main entrance of the Morris Thompson Center lobby, you’ll find yourself at the Explore Fairbanks Visitor Information Center. Here you’ll find plentiful resources about local services and activities. If you have questions or would like some advice the knowledgeable staff will be delighted to share their local insights with you and help you plan the best possible visit based on your interests, preferences, and timeframe. 

Telephone: (907) 456-5774
Visitor Guide Request: 1-800-327-5774
About Explore Fairbanks

Public Lands Information Center

Helpful guide available for questions about public lands at Exhibits at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

In the center of the lobby, you’ll find the Fairbanks Alaska Public Lands Information Center. Some of the friendliest, best-informed National Park Service Rangers you can find are stationed right inside of this Visitors Center! Here you can buy maps, borrow a bear barrel, and get advice for your backcountry trip.  You could also participate in an interpretive program led by rangers, ranging from tours of the historic Gould Cabin to presentations about Alaska’s wildlife. The Public Lands Information Center also provides Passport Stamps, certificates, and Junior Ranger Badges to commemorate your visits to Interior Alaska’s National Parks.

Telephone: (907) 459-3730 Email: About APLIC