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The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center welcomes visitors year-round and admission is always free. Whether you’re on the trip of a lifetime or preparing for this weekend’s hike, we have information and ideas for your travel in Interior and Arctic Alaska.

Explore Fairbanks Visitor Center

Find out about services and events in Fairbanks.

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About Explore Fairbanks

Telephone: (907) 456-5774
Visitor Guide Request: 1-800-327-5774

Public Lands Information Center

Get advice on accessing and enjoying public lands.

Helpful guide available for questions about public lands at Exhibits at the Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

The Public Lands Information Center also offers interpretive programs, provides Passport Stamps, certificates, and Junior Ranger Badges to commemorate your visits to Interior Alaska’s National Parks. About APLIC

Telephone: (907) 459-3730 Email: