Traditional Alaska Native mask.

Athabascan Beadwork Designs Inspire Sidewalk Mosaics

Athabascan beadwork – and a willow root basket – will soon become sidewalk art outside the Morris Thompson Center. Inspired by designs from Athabascan master artists from all over Interior Alaska, the artwork was digitized, enlarged, and translated into glass tile mosaics that are being prepped for installation later this month. Belarde Company out of  Seattle, WA provides a patented process, Lithocrete, which allows for the seeding of small glass tiles in concrete. “The color palette is vibrant enough to do justice to these incredible beadwork designs,” said Cultural Program Director Dixie Alexander. “They look beautiful!” The completed sidewalk mosaics will be 8 ft to 14 ft in diameter.

Designs are inspired by the following artists:

  • Lina Demoski/Anvik
  • Judy Thomas/Northway
  • Mary Simple/Ft. Yukon
  • Master Artists working on the Athabascan clothing project for Tanana Chiefs Conference
  • Unknown artist from the Tanana area – from a slipper in the UA Museum of the North collection