Traditional Alaska Native mask.

Ahtna, Inc.

Ahtna, Incorporated is based in Glennallen, Alaska and owned by more than 2,100 shareholders, the majority of whom are of Ahtna Athabascan descent. The traditional homelands of the Ahtna people was approximately 26 million acres, or about the size of the state of Ohio. The Ahtna region, located in the south-central interior of Alaska, encompasses the entire Copper River Basin and is nestled between two national parks. Ahtna, Inc. is the only ANCSA region in which its villages are accessible via the road system.

The Morris Thompson Visitor and Cultural Center does not currently have an object from Ahtna, Inc. on display. But Ahtna, Inc. is well known for their copper.

Visit the Ahtna, Inc. website for more information.