Exhibit at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

Lettuce and Cabbage and Kale, Oh My!

The Morris Thompson Center has delivered more than 100 pounds of fresh, healthy vegetables to the Fairbanks Community Food Bank so far this summer. Facility Manager Jason Faris doubles as a ‘master gardener’ to care for the Center’s flowers and historic garden. “Since the garden sits next to our historic cabin, all our vegetables are ones that were grown in Fairbanks in 1915,” says Faris. “If you didn’t find it here then, you won’t find it in our garden now.”

Kale, lettuce, cabbage, turnips, sage, thyme and potatoes all go to the Food Bank. The beans are held back, however. Dixie Alexander, the cultural program director at the Center, pickles the beans and uses them throughout the year in her ‘Taste of Alaska’ program. Nothing like eating from the garden all year long!