Traditional Alaska Native mask.

Love Under the Antler Arch

Brian and Marilyn wed under the Antler Arch

Outgoing News-Miner publisher Marilyn Romano and her longtime beau Brian Hove got married under the Morris Thompson Center’s Antler Arch in late June. Romano was relocating for her new position at Alaska Airlines, and wanted to get married in Fairbanks before moving to Anchorage. “Brian and I met here 13 years ago, so the banks of the Chena River was perfect,” said Romano. “We love the Alaskan feel of the antler arch.”

The Antler Arch Web Cam made it easy to involve her family in Texas on short notice. She called and told them to check out the website, but didn’t tell them why. “They were all surprised and happy to be able to watch us get married on the ‘Antler Cam’ – and the tourists loved it!” said Romano.

If you want to coordinate your own special moment under the arch, tell your family and friends around the world to go to and click on the Antler Arch link.