Outside entrane of Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center

Welcoming New Executive Director Sara Harriger


The Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center Board of Directors is pleased to announce the hiring of Sara Harriger as the new Executive Director for the Center.  As Executive Director, Harriger is charged with managing and promoting the Center’s facility and overseeing fundraising to build the Center’s cultural endowment. Harriger brings to the position extensive experience in public diplomacy, management of multi-stakeholder projects, and cross-cultural collaboration.  A graduate of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, she previously served as a Foreign Service Officer and speaks French, Japanese, and Arabic. Harriger succeeds Cindy Schumaker, who was instrumental in the vision for and construction of the Morris Thompson Center. Harriger began her duties in December.

“We’re excited to welcome Sara to the Morris Thompson Center as our new Executive Director.  She brings a unique perspective and a lot of energy to the job.” – Board President Audrey George