Antler Arch in winter with setting sun in the background at Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center.

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Health and Healing Benefits of Food Sovereignty

Morris Thompson Center Website

The health and wellbeing of people is largely dependent on the environment in which they live, access to clean drinking water and sanitization, and the foods in which they consume. As many cultures around the world have reflected, food is the first medicine. In Indigenous communities, traditional foods are a direct link to the lands… Read More

The Ceremonies of Aging and Transition- Alaska Native Rights of Passages [ONLINE ONLY]

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What are rites of passage? Jerry Isaac joins the series to speak about important ones in Alaska Native culture, such as birth, puberty, marriage, and death. He describes what rites of passage have remained the same, which have changed over time, and some of the challenges in maintaining these culturally imbued ceremonies. Jerry shares the… Read More

Making Knots and Casting Out- Fishnets for the Summer Catch

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Summer's here! What better way to celebrate than going out for that first catch of the season? Kenneth Frank joins the series to help us learn how to prepare to do just that. He focuses on netmaking in this episode, a traditional skill for catching all different kinds of fish. Kenneth describes the basics of… Read More

Sweet and Healthy: Berry Picking and Jam Making in Alaska

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Harvest time! Alaskan berry picking season is about start. Pat Bessette and Sandy Koyukuk join the series to talk about all the steps involved in berry picking in Alaska. They will discuss the types of berries, how to clean and store them, their memories of picking, and how berries keep them connected to their Native… Read More

Denakkanaaga’s Our People Speak: Caribou Tufting

Morris Thompson Cultural and Visitors Center 101 Dunkel St, Fairbanks, AK, United States

Highly accomplished caribou fur tufters, Emma Hildebrand (Northway, AK) and Dixie Alexander (Fort Yukon, AK), will share their tips for learning the craft. Join us August 11th at 12:30PM in the Morris Thompson Center, 101 Dunkel St. Fairbanks, AK. To ensure the safety of our guest speakers and audience members, we will ask that you… Read More

Fluffy Creations: Caribou Hair Tufting

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Learn how to prepare and use caribou hair for Alaska Native art. Highly accomplished caribou fur tufters Emma Hildebrand (Northway, AK) and Dixie Alexander (Fort Yukon, AK) will share their tips for learning the craft.

Power and Patience- Alaska Native Moosehide Tanning

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Hunting season is about start! Ever wonder what to do with the skin of a moose after harvesting? In the Alaska Native cultural tradition, the moose skin goes through the tanning process, making it usable to create clothing and crafts. Marie Yaska (Huslia, AK) and Eva Burk (Nenana, AK) join the series to talk about… Read More

Winter Wisdom- Weather Watching and Warm Clothing

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Sam Demientieff explores the wonders and trials of Alaskan winters. He shares tips about looking for signs in the weather and choosing the right clothing for those conditions. Sam also explain the importance of passing on these skills and traditional wisdom to youth to keep Alaska Native culture strong.